Activities & Services

Pegasus Investment Services AG offers complete portfolio management services, with a view to growing families’ hard-earned wealth. Our service range includes strategy and asset allocation, portfolio management, strict monitoring of portfolio performance and associated fees, and consolidated reporting.

The way we work

  • PEGASUS is managing investment portfolios in the client bank account within the “Limited Power of Attorney” mandate only to buy and sell securities.
  • PEGASUS cannot wire or withdraw funds from the portfolio unless the client instructs the bank accordingly


Portfolio Management

As a highly experienced portfolio manager, Pegasus Investment Services AG has accomplished outstanding results thanks to unique internal guidelines and principles, which enable us to achieve optimal returns for each portfolio, within each client’s desired risk level. This is made possible through daily market research coupled with the use of leading financial systems and research tools.

Strategy & Asset Allocation

The strength of Pegasus Investment Services AG relies on selecting a strategy and asset allocation that matches each client’s risk appetite. We utilize advanced tools and draw on many years of experience to deliver the best results, which precisely reflect the client’s investment profile, while making optimal adjustments according to unique client parameters.

Portfolio Monitoring

Close, consistent monitoring of all portfolio transactions and financial instruments is essential for remaining in line with all portfolio objectives and achieving the desired results. At Pegasus Investment Services AG, our custom-made digital system enables us to closely monitor and track all transactions at all times.

Consolidated Reporting

In the asset allocation and investment world, clients always deserve to see the full picture. Pegasus Investment Services AG believes this is the only way to approach asset management, and provides its clients with all the necessary advanced tools. Our custom-made system supplies clients with professional consolidated reports, ensuring complete transparency.

Monitoring Fees & Costs

Pegasus Investment Services AG is committed exclusively to its clients. We protect our clients’ interests and ensure that banks and other service providers do not charge additional or superfluous fees. We do this through continuous monitoring of fees and charges, while also carefully examining every transaction and fund movement in the accounts we control.