Planning your wealth for future generations

Our extensive experience enables us to provide responsible asset protection, estate planning, and succession planning services, including the administration of trusts and foundations, and preparing for wealth transfer to the next generation.

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It is absolutely vital to protect your assets (business, real estate, financial) against the variety of risks surrounding your activities. Some of these risks apply to every client, while others may only be relevant to certain individuals. As such, risks that are of great concern to one client may be insignificant to another. We map, assess, and review the range of risks you are facing, and offer tailor-made solutions to provide the necessary protection.

Transferring your wealth to the next generation is a complicated task that must be handled both promptly and discreetly. Our questions will guide you to the best possible legal plan and arrangements, with a view to achieving your long-term goals.

As your family office, we can play an active role in the legal structure of your assets, ensuring your wishes are upheld and your interests represented at every stage.

Transferring a business or assets is never a simple task, whether the recipient is the next generation or a corporate organization. We guide and assist you throughout the entire planning process, giving you space for careful consideration.

In order to take the reins of your business, the younger generation needs to be properly equipped through a specific training program in order to avoid missteps and undesirable results.

Wealth preservation cannot be taken for granted

Billionaire generation distribution*

Charts show number of individuals, not families, according to Forbes; founder of original business defined as 1st generation; >G5 includes up to G11
Source: PwC Billionaire Database, UBS and PwC analysis


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