Pegasus Global Wealth Management is a multi-family office headquartered in Zurich, the world’s financial capital. Founded in 2010, Pegasus offers responsible wealth management services to a diverse international clientele, based on a deep understanding of the financial world, sterling personal service, and our commitment to absolute transparency and integrity. We focus on managing your financial life, as well as building wealth for future generations. Pegasus is registered with the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM).

We aim for long term relationships with our clients, built on mutual trust.

Our independent approach enables us to create a customized wealth management strategy to meet your goals, including financial planning and investment management.

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Your Needs Are Our Business

Pegasus provides a multi-tiered package of asset management services focused on the needs of families like yours. We incorporate investment and risk management, tax and accounting services, administration and specialized services to create a customized wealth-management strategy to meet your financial goals.

A Holistic, Independent Management Approach

Pegasus is committed to accompanying every step of your financial journey with full, clear, and unbiased guidance. We do not serve the agenda of any bank or institution, and do not sell or promote specific financial products. Rest assured, your financial success is our foremost, and only, priority.


Strong, Lasting Relationships Built on Trust

Our expert team works side by side with you to achieve your goals for continued success in the most precise, responsible, and profitable way. In a constantly-changing and uncertain financial landscape, you can always be confident that your portfolio is in full compliance with regulatory requirements.


Ofer Neeman


Helit Brings

Chief Operational Officer

Marina Feldman

Chief Investment Officer

Lior Moran

Deputy Manager

Amir Witztum

Relationship Manager

Roei Ferlandes

Back Office Manager


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